October 27

On her last full day in New Zealand, Lindsay and I decided to go into Auckland and explore the CBD (central business district) and meet up with her friend, Faith. We stopped on the North Shore on our way in and visited a couple cafes, as we do. The view of the city as we drove in was fabulous.


When we got into town we walked along the harbor walkway. There were some amazing art exhibits. One part had time lapse videos of the night sky and of the full moon over Wellington. They were absolutely amazing.



From the waterfront, the views of the Sky Tower (the tallest man man structure in NZ) and the city were excellent. To be honest, I found Auckland to be a pleasant, smallish city. It wasn’t very different from an American city; although it was very different from Welly. The people were well dressed and the cars were much more of status symbols than modes of transportation. I had been warned about how awful Auckland is, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There were many lovely bars and restaurants on the waterfront and people were quite friendly.



We wandered around Queens Street which is one of the main drags in town and we checked out the Sky Tower from below.



Afterwards, we met Faith at an Irish pub. She was a lovely Canadian who is currently living in Auckland. She was fun to hang out with and very friendly. She and Lindsay had met when they were both working on the South Island. We had a drink and wandered around for a bit. We had a nice visit before Lindsay and I headed back to Orewa for the night.



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